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Vehicle Wash

P.D. McLaren Limited started in the vehicle wash business back in 1984 and continues to grow our business in all facets of the vehicle wash business. We have partnered ourselves with the leading US, European and Canadian manufactures and virtually supply any vehicle wash system available on the market today.

We will supply, any type of rollover automatic, both soft touch and touch free, full line of conveyorized Peco carwash equipment, self-serve equipment and truck/bus and RV washes as well.

We will supply, install and most important provide after market service technical support for all our equipment.

We carry parts and have a full line of chemicals available upon request.

Vehicle Wash Equipment & Services

Oasis Typhoon

Touch free in bay automatics continue to be a very popular type. Speed, quality of wash, proper chemicals coverage is what makes a very successful touch free system. P.D. McLaren Limited supplies some of the most popular systems on the market today, from the” fastest on the market today” Oasis Typhoon, to the most cost effective Oasis XP model.

Simplicity, and realiablity continue to be the standard at which we provide our customers touch free carwash equipment.

Soft Touch Automatics

Soft Touch rollover automatic equipment is becoming a very popular style for in-bay automatic for site operators.

The introduction of the closed loop foam brush material on all friction machines has created a resurgence of demand for that friction style machine.

P.D. McLaren Limited has extensive experience with this style of in bay automatic and can help all customers in the decision making process.

Bus / Truck / RV Wash

P.D. McLaren Limited has been involved in the bus, truck and RV truck wash business for over 45 years. Whether its a self serve application or an automated system, P.D. McLaren Limited has the system that’s best suited for your needs.

Conveyorized Carwash Equipment

P.D. McLaren Limited is the exclusive Canadian distributor for PECO conveyorized carwash and related equipment.

PECO Corporation manufactures a comprehensive line of conveyorized car wash equipment. Coupled with a unique product line, PECO utilizes a hybrid method for vehicle cleaning. The PECO hybrid wash system cleans with the combination of soft cloth and high pressure providing an overall effectiveness not obtainable with any other car wash system.

If you are looking for 50′, 90′, 100′, 120′ or 150′ soft touch tunnel systems or an 85′ and 120′ touch free tunnel system, P.D. McLaren Limited can provide sales, service, technical support and installation on all of the PECO equipment.

Simplicity, and realiablity continue to be the standard at which we provide our customers touch free carwash equipment.

PECO Friction Tunnels

PECO Touch Free Tunnels

PECO Drive Thru System

PECO Polishing Tunnel System

PECO Dryers